Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sometimes Photography Stinks!

While I was meeting with clients/friends today, Steve spent time with the kids.  My role:  sorting through proofs and helping the girls decide on unique shots (more on that later).  Steve's role:  spending quality time with the kids, which I knew might involve "the skunk relocation project".  For the past couple months, our "neighborhood" has had unwanted, though cute, visitors in our barn and at the neighbors' beehives.  We've been trying to catch the critters but just graduated to a bigger trap.  Shortly before our guests (the people) arrived today, my son discovered that we'd caught a skunk! 

While Amy, Stephanie, Heather, and I sorted through photos, I looked up to see a large, green tarp atop Steve's van.  I thought I really should be quiet and pretend all of this wasn't going on, but I couldn't resist.  I had to direct the girls' attention to the scene in our driveway, which was only the beginning.  We had a good laugh, and I told my friends that they couldn't share the skunk relocation details as we have our professional image to uphold.  So now I'm blogging about it!  A half hour later, my excited kids came running in to show us pictures.  The smell was telling even had we not seen the photos.  My daughter was mortified as she realized the skunk smell was somehow distinctly among us even though the critter had supposedly not sprayed.  I am hoping the smell is faint enough that I can simply wash the coats they were wearing.  If no one wants to sit by us at church tomorrow, we'll know why.

For as long as I can remember, Steve has been interested in National Geographic's photos.  From the photos and the smell, it's obvious that he went "National Geographic".   I think this is the closest he's going to get!  The kids went on and on about how close he got, which is obvious from the photos.  In this moment, a zoom lens comes to mind!  As for our professional image, people have often commented that we are real.  I hope that means they are comfortable here.  As we get our photograhy business moving, we are defining our style, our work, everything.  My lesson from today:  we are real and that will have to be a part of the style.

As for the photos we are sorting, I'll have to write another post.  I told the girls to bring ideas if they had them and wanted to be creative.  Wait til you see them!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Had a great time taking Shelby's senior portraits.
Love those eyes!




Sunday, November 21, 2010


Thanks to Lebanon's Faucett and Flame for letting us shoot at their location.  They wouldn't sell us their cool, old truck but were very gracious about our using it as a background.  My daughter and I are looking forward to browsing their unique Christmas selection this weekend.  You can visit them at 320 East Main, Lebanon.